ACI (Air Control Industries Ltd)                         
Weycroft Avenue,
Millwey Rise Industrial Estate,
Axminster, EX13 5HU
Great Britain

Telefon: +44(0)845 5000 501
Telefax: +44(0)845 5000 502


For all the processes that require moist removal from any surface, dust layers or impurity’s of any kind, ventilators, blowers and drying systems from ACI are the optimal solutions.

High performance blowers produced by ACI have an air efficiency between  850m3/h and 5945m3/h, the air pressure measures values of 1.8 mbar till 250 mbar, depending on the model.

Using an ACI system will result in cost reduction of 90% beside classic systems like the air compressors.

The maintenance of ACI equipment is assured by a technical team with high qualification.